Minion March

“Vikings are a rowdy lot, especially the ones featured in our game.
The Vikings of the Sun clan and the Moon clan are constantly looking to fight with each other and die in the process. This is because a Viking who dies in battle gets his soul sent to Walhalla.”

Official Dutch Game Awards Website

Nhtv Breda 

(University Assignment)

2.5D Puzzle

Official Website: 
Dutch Game Awards 2014

Team Size:

Programs Used:
Unity, Phyre Engine, Unreal 4

PC & Windows Tablet

From: 01-02-2014
To:     19-05-2014
(15 weeks, 1 day per week)

Project & Role Overview

As an assignment for NHTV, we were tasked several times to create a game within 7 Days. The most successful one In my opinion was Minion March.

The conditions for the creation of the game where the following: set deadlines for Alpha, Beta and Gold/Master, during which the project can be cut and the team disbanded, if progress or potential are not up to standards.

Design Lead

  • Managed 3 designers with regards to level, concept and mechanic design.
  • In charge of documentation such as the GDD

Level Design

  • Concept creation, level creation and set-dressing of one level.
  • Playtesting and end responsibility for the rest of the levels.
  • Adapted and tested 4 levels in Unity.
  • Design and set dressing of one level in Phyre Engine.


  • Level design & set dressing in Unreal 4.
  • Basics of Phyre Engine.
  • Concepting, implementing and using mechanics from beginning to end.
  • Managing a small design team in a client orientated setting.


Although this was a school project, as one of my earliest projects, it holds a special place for me for being so early in my career and using a brand new piece of software for the first time in a more professional setting.