Lost Hero

“LostHero is a story-based RPG game currently in development.
It can be played as a single player, or with up to four players in cooperative mode.
LostHero features a complex fight system, along with a built-in map editor which lets you create and share game maps easily with other players online.”

Lost Hero Official website

Gold Knights


RGP (Souls-like)

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Lost Hero

Team Size:

Programs used:
Unreal 4, Custom level Editor, Tortoise SVN 

From: 01-07-2018
To:     23-12-2018

Project & Role Overview

Lost Hero draws heavy inspiration from dark souls, and adds multiplayer to the formula.

The Project was a passion project of the company owner, and I was hired to design, whitebox, set dress and light a set of levels before the project released to early access.

The time span given for each level was 2 weeks. This included concept, sketch, whitebox, set dressing, lighting and enemy placement. The levels had to be around 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay and had to make use of the client’s custom editor and Unreal 4.

I was able to provide a set of semi linear levels with optional explorable areas that adhered to the brief.
On some of the levels I went over the 2 week time limit, some due to my own in-experience with the custom editor, and some because of late change requests of the client.

Level Design

  • Whiteboxing, based on suggested locations, ideas and own propositions.
  • Whitebox and design in custom editor and Unreal 4.
  • Short development cycle (2 weeks for a fully playable, set dressed, lit and tested level).
  • Set dressing using Unreal.
  • Basic lighting setups for crucial path indication and aesthetic purposes.
  • Iterations on levels to increase path clarity, visual appeal, additional paths and optional areas.
  • Placement of Audio markers throughout 10 levels.
  • Play-testing and bug reporting.
  • Creation of 4 levels before I was assigned to continue set-dressing all levels.

As a note, I did not have to take into consideration any form of reality or place of the level, such as access/exit points to a level, purpose or function in the story or adhere to any form of lore.
This made it hard to come up with original levels that would still fit the game and not feel generic, or purposeless. I did raise concern over this (and several other issues with both the the production process & design of the game) during the creation of the first level, which was dismissed.


  • Workflow adaption to a 2 week production cycle.
  • learning a new custom editor.
  • Basics of Fmod.

In Conclusion

It was an interesting project, where a lot of the lessons learned in university and previous projects where dismissed in favor of what the client preferred.