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E-mail:       quintenbuijs@hotmail.nl
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I am Quinten Buijs, currently living in the Czech Republic as a freelance game designer.

From a young age I was intrigued by all aspects of games, and decide to pursue this intrigue by studying game design.

Born in the Netherlands, I studied game architecture and design in Breda and moved where my passion for games led me.
This happened to be Prague in the Czech Republic. It combined very well with my curiosity for different cultures, and gave me plenty of time to learn and explore a new city, a new culture, and new perspectives on game design.

Some of my all time favorite games include:
God of War, Jak and Daxter, Mario Kart, Journey, Dark souls , Okami and Bioshock
I would like to name many, many more since my taste in games is diverse and they are a big part of my life.

Besides gaming I enjoy:
Culinary activities, Cooking and learning new recipes is something I can always look forward to.
Drawing, I try to enjoy some drawing in my free time, mainly in a more structured format such as following along with “Draw a box” and the “RadioRunner’s curriculum for the solo artist”
Electric guitar, As an amateur, I can enjoy practicing songs via Rocksmith.
Board Games, I enjoy the novel mechanics that board games offer in comparison to videogames , while at the same time having great fun with friends.
3D modeling, in my spare time I enjoy using Maya to create models in the using old/unused concept art from games, or real world objects. From time to time I help out my partner and create 3D models for her concept art.