Other Projects

This page contains smaller/ older projects I have worked on during my career. 

University Degree:
Game Architecture and Design at NHTV (now BUAS)

A 4-year bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Production. During this time I was lectured by industry professionals who worked for both big and smaller indie companies. 

I was lectured in courses such as
Level Design, for multiplayer shooters, 2 and 3D platformers, and more.
Game Production, various project planning systems.
3D Art fundamentals, Maya pipeline including poly modeling and texturing.
and more.

I successfully graduated with a rounded average of 7.5 out of 10
For more information about the course, please click here:


University project: Minion March 

Level design – Game design – Set dressing – QA

A University project where we had to create a game within 7 weeks. Alpha, beta and gold/master deadlines where set as a miniature game creation cycle.
The final result was nomination for several student award during the Dutch Game Awards.

For more information about the project please click here: 
Minion March 


Mobile hero brawler: Get Wrecked 

Game design – Balance – QA

A startup project of a mobile Brawler, that saw only a small scale test release and then was discontinued. 
I was responsible for the creation and balance of heroes, items and abilities, mostly using excel sheets to balance for optimization. 
For more information about the project please click here:
Get Wrecked


Game Jams: 

minor 2D art assets – basic 3F assets – concept design – audio

I participated 2 game jams, once during my university time and once during 2020 with friends, which resulted in bail! and Party must go on.
These served as interesting experiences and chances to do something else then level design, for the first I was focused on audio, and for the second I made basic 3D models. 
For more information please click here: 
Party must go on


Many of the projects that can be found here might not demonstrate working on large, complex games however, most of them show a small aspect of my skill set that I am proud to display, or hold special meaning to me.