American Truck Simulator

“Haul through the legendary roads!
American Truck Simulator will take you on a journey throughout the vast landscapes full of breathtaking landmarks of North America. Drive iconic American trucks and become
 the King of the Road while building a large transportation company from scratch.
American truck simulator

SCS Software


Official Website: 
SCS Sowftware

Steam page:
American truck Steam

Team Size:
200-240 (total)
10-15 (Colorado Level design) 

Programs Used:
In-house editor (Prism3D)
Mantis (Bug tracker)


From: 1-10-2019
To:     12-11-2020

Project & Role Overview

After a entry test and a 3 month trial period, I was praised for the work done and offered a full time contract. I gladly accepted and was hired as a map designer for the Colorado DLC.

Level Design

  • Creating 2D map layouts based on google map data.
  • Translating the 2D map layouts to in-engine 3D road layouts using prefabs and spline based roads.
  • Using a 1:20 scale to layout landmarks and distances.

Set Dressing

  • Sculpting various types of terrain in engine including:
    farmland, dry plains, mountainous and forest landscapes 
  • Creation of settlements & small cities. 
  • Set dressing using props and animated models to create interesting scenes and scenarios.

Bug Fixing & optimization 

  • Ensuring view distance (1500 Meter) and a stable fps was maintained.
  • Using Mantis to fix bugs across Colorado near the end of the project.
  • Optimization of fps heavy area’s.
I worked on the following roads in Colorado. 
Feel free to click the following links to get the google maps routes of the roads I worked on. 
– The US-285 from Monte Vista – Johnson Village.
– The US-287 from Lamar – Limon.
– The I25 from Pueblo – Colorado Springs.
– The US-385 from Bristol – Burlington

The Following video is not made by me, however, it contains one of the roads I made.
The original creator of this video is: 5 Minute Simulators
From 1:35:20 to1:41:20 is the Us-287 Lamar – Limon


  • In-house engine (Prisma 3d).
  • Recreation of real world locations under technological constrains.
  • Attention to detail where necessary.
  • American city, road layouts and traffic rules.
  • Working within big projects & teams.

In Conclusion

While the theme of project did not capture my personal interest, the company with its professionalism and friendly environment remind me of NHTV.
SCS software is a great place for professional improvement and a friendly day to day environment.
While the work itself had less to do with level design in regards to grey-box design, I think leaning more about environmental set dressing will help me further in my career as a level designer.
While the Prism3D engine felt old in comparison to the more industry standard tools I am used to, it thought me to do more with less, and forced creative solutions.