Get Wrecked

“Get Wrecked is a fast-paced Multiplayer game where you fight friends and enemies in epic battle arenas!
Choose a class, unlock crates and chests to level up, discover new items and skills, earn awesome rewards, build clans, socialize with fellow heroes, and so much more!”

Official Get wrecked website

Ferox GamesGenre:
Mobile Hero Brawler

Team Size:

Programs Used:
Unity, Word, Excel

Mobile, Phone, Tablets
(Android & IOS)

From: 06-01-2016
To:     July 2017
(+-1 year and 7 months)

Project & Role Overview

Get wrecked is a hero brawler for mobile in which a Player chooses and customizes a hero to battle it out against other teams. A hero consist of a class (warrior, mage or huntress), each with different class skills. Each class has a different choice of weaponry, where each weapon has its own set of skills. The Player can thus mix and match from class and weapon skills to create a unique playstyle.

I joined the team when a prototype was just finished. I made analysis of said prototype and proposed a list of changes. I was tasked to conceptualize, adapt and iterate upon mechanics, heroes, their skills & equipment and expand on already existing mechanics of the game as it was presented to me in the prototype.

During later phases of the project, I was charged with play testing and based on play test results, balance and iterate on game mechanics.


  • Proposal and creation of game modes, heroes, skills and equipment sets.
  • Play testing and feedback of all released and in team released versions.
  • Participate in design, general and creative meetings.


  • 3 Heroes, 15 class skills, 9 weapons, 5 weapon upgrade tiers (per weapon) and 45 weapon skills (5 per weapon).
  • Iteration on several skills and weapons based on play test results using Excel sheets. 
  • Battle chest drop and content, gold gain, EXP gain per action (kills, healing, de-buff time etc.), daily quests and item price in gold and rubies.

Play testing

  • Analyse and translate data gathered from play test sessions.
  • Propose and implement changes to mechanics based on interpretation of play test sessions and additional data.


  • Simulate combat, EXP gain and Player progression during gameplay and on an account wide scale.
  • Balance of power between classes, heroes  and different equipment sets.
  • Designing Heroes based on a theme, and how to reinforce this theme through their statistics.

In Conclusion

During the Project I have took on a varied amount of roles, however always had enough time to follow parts of the game from conceptualization to their final in-game revision.
This allowed for the development of both new design skills such as theoretical value balancing on this scale, and old design skills such as playtesting, conceptualization and mechanic design. The game was discontinued and taken off the mobile stores around 3 months after I left.