“Design & Production delivers game designers,
level designers, narrative designers, and producers for the gaming
including console, mobile, PC, and board games.
This study path teaches you concept development, game design,
game production, business management, interactive storytelling,

basic programming and computer graphics.”

Official NHTV website

During my time at NHTV I was educated in Game design & production through practical projects
(with a focus on team based assignments), the creation of games, and theoretical courses on several subjects.
These include, but are not limited to:

Game lab:
Game creation in accordance to a specific theme. The given time was 7 weeks, with alpha and beta and gold/master deadlines.
Being thrown into a team with the task of making a game, was a great experience.
The best result of this was the nomination for one of the projects I worked on click here to find out more: Minion March 

Game production:
Project planning using several methods such as scrum and agile,
Also included documentation such as design proposals for several different types of clients, presentation and team management.

Level design:
The theoretical analysis and functional creation of levels for multiple genres by creation of levels in several in-engine projects:
I designed levels for a multiplayer shooter, prototyped horror mechanics and designed mechanics and levels for 2 and 3D platformer games using a variety of software.

Concept Design:
Creating, documenting and pitching new game concepts & mechanics for already existing games, original games, different target audiences, board and video games.

3D Art fundamentals:
The modelling of a chess set and pirate chest, including the UV mapping and texturing of said set.
Done in Maya for the Purpose of understanding 3D art pipeline and to be able to create basic (placeholder) 3D models.

Programing fundamentals:
The basics of programming in c# for understanding of the programming workflow.
The final assignment was a recreation of the game Arkanoid.

Narrative design:
From world conceptualization and story writing to character development, dialogues & script writing.
Furthermore, studies of “The hero’s journey” &
“The hero with a thousand faces” and smaller assignments
were part of the course.


I finished my final year at NHTV with a 9.0 for my 1 year internship as level designer and scripter at Dreadlocks, and graduated NHTV with a final average of 7.8.

Please visit the Ghost Theory page to find out more about my tasks during my internship.


My time at NHTV allowed me to experiment, succeed, fail, iterate and learn. It gave a platform to meet and study the industry from different angles. Not only could I learn from my own mistakes and successes, but also from the experiences of industry veterans. However most importantly, it allowed me to develop a skill set that proved invaluable in the industry.